ICTIR 2021 will be held in conjunction with the SIGIR 2021 conference. You can either register together with SIGIR or for ICTIR only.


SIGIR 2021 provides financial support for anyone facing obstacles that prevent them from participating in the ICTIR 2021 conference. To request such support, submit a DEI grant application. The deadline for submitting the DEI application for ICTIR is extended to June 28, 2021. 


Students can also apply for being student volunteers of SIGIR 2021 and receive free access to the conference, which covers ICTIR registration as well. Check this page for more information about student volunteers and apply by July 1, 2021.

For each accepted paper, at least ONE author must register. 


Follow the instructions at the SIGIR 2021 registration page for registration and DEI grant application.