Accepted Papers

User Fairness, Item Fairness and Diversity for Rankings in Two-Sided Markets
Lequn Wang and Thorsten Joachims
Effective and Privacy-preserving Federated Online Learning to Rank
Shuyi Wang, Bing Liu, Shengyao Zhuang and Guido Zuccon
Understanding the Effectiveness of Reviews in E-commerce Top-N Recommendation
Zhichao Xu, Hansi Zeng and Qingyao Ai
A Modern Perspective on Query Likelihood with Deep Generative Retrieval Models
Oleg Lesota, Navid Rekabsaz, Daniel Cohen, Klaus Antonius Grasserbauer, Carsten Eickhoff and Markus Schedl
A Fast and Exact Randomisation Test for Comparing Two Systems with Paired Data
Rikiya Suzuki and Tetsuya Sakai
Incorporating Widget Positioning in Interaction Models of Search Behaviour
Nirmal Roy, Arthur Barbosa Câmara, David Maxwell and Claudia Hauff
The Impact of Entity Cards on Learning-Oriented Search Tasks
Sara Salimzadeh, David Maxwell and Claudia Hauff
News Article Retrieval in Context for Event-centric Narrative Creation
Nikos Voskarides, Edgar Meij, Sabrina Sauer and Maarten de Rijke
More Robust Dense Retrieval with Contrastive Dual Learning
Yizhi Li, Zhenghao Liu, Chenyan Xiong and Zhiyuan Liu
Untangling the Concept of Task in Information Seeking and Retrieval
Ayah Soufan, Ian Ruthven and Leif Azzopardi
BERT-based Dense Retrievers Require Interpolation with BM25 for Effective Passage Retrieval
Shuai Wang, Shengyao Zhuang and Guido Zuccon
Decomposition and Interleaving for Variance Reduction of Post-click Metrics
Kojiro Iizuka, Yoshifumi Seki and Makoto Kato
Recommending Search Queries in Documents Using Inter N-Gram Similarities
Eilon Sheetrit, Yaroslav Fyodorov, Fiana Raiber and Oren Kurland
Ensemble Distillation for BERT-Based Ranking Models
Honglei Zhuang, Zhen Qin, Shuguang Han, Xuanhui Wang, Michael Bendersky and Marc Najork
Ranking by Language Similarity for Resource Scarce Southern Bantu Languages
Catherine Chavula and Hussein Suleman
Sentiment Intensity Prediction using Neural Word Embeddings
Amal Htait and Leif Azzopardi
Semantic Hilbert Space for Interactive Image Retrieval
Amit Kumar Jaiswal, Haiming Liu and Ingo Frommholz
A Discriminative Semantic Ranker for Question Retrieval
Yinqiong Cai, Yixing Fan, Jiafeng Guo, Ruqing Zhang, Yanyan Lan and Xueqi Cheng
ERR is not C/W/L: Exploring the Relationship Between Expected Reciprocal Rank and Other Metrics
Leif Azzopardi, Joel Mackenzie and Alistair Moffat
What's the Simplest Thing That Can Possibly Work? Pseudo-Relevance Feedback via Text Classification
Xiao Han, Yuqi Liu and Jimmy Lin
Towards Axiomatic Explanations for Neural Ranking Models
Michael Völske, Alexander Bondarenko, Maik Fröbe, Benno Stein, Jaspreet Singh, Matthias Hagen and Avishek Anand
Pseudo-Relevance Feedback for Multiple Representation Dense Retrieval
Xiao Wang, Craig Macdonald, Nicola Tonellotto and Iadh Ounis
Effective Query Formulation in Conversation Contextualization:A Query Specificity-based Approach
Dipasree Pal and Debasis Ganguly
Asking Clarifying Questions Based on Negative Feedback in Conversational Search
Keping Bi, Qingyao Ai and W. Bruce Croft
Evaluating BERT-based Rewards for Question Generation with Reinforcement Learning
Peide Zhu and Claudia Hauff
Multi-label Classification of Short Texts with Label CorrelatedRecurrent Neural Networks
Zhiyuan Peng, Behnoush Abdollahi, Min Xie and Yi Fang
Can Language Models Identify Wikipedia Articles with Readability and Style Issues?
Yang Liu, Alan Medlar and Dorota Glowacka
Solutions vs Dataset Optima: Concepts and Methods for Optimizing Competing Objectives with Constraints in Retrieval
Soumyajit Gupta, Gurpreet Singh, Anubrata Das and Matthew Lease Pareto
An Integrated Model of Task, Information Needs, Sources and Uncertainty to Design Task-Aware Search Systems
Shawon Sarkar and Chirag Shah
Passage Similarity and Diversification in Non-factoid Question Answering
Lakshmi Nair Vikraman, Ali Montazeralghaem, Helia Hashemi, W. Bruce Croft and James Allan
Modality Effects When Simulating User Querying Tasks
Joel Mackenzie and Alistair Moffat
Extracting per Query Valid Explanations for Blackbox Learning-to-Rank Models
Jaspreet Singh, Zhenye Wang, Megha Khosla and Avishek Anand
Towards Facet-Driven Generation of Clarifying Questions for Conversational Search
Ivan Sekulic, Mohammad Aliannejadi and Fabio Crestani
A Novel Approach for Mining Team Leaders in Community Question Answering
Sepideh Entezari Maleki and Mahmood Neshati
How do Metric Score Distributions affect the Type I Error Rate of Statistical Significance Tests in Information Retrieval?
Julián Urbano, Matteo Corsi and Alan Hanjalic